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Hot news : Now you can find bio products at aoro.ro

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Hello my darlings, 

You sure know about aoro.ro , a site where you can find everything a lady or a man want for pampering. I am so excited that now they have BIO products available on the site. 
I am a big fan of bio products , I think they are better for skin and much healthier than regular products . For instance , my daily moisturizer is a bio one. I want what is best for my skin . 
You will find everything you want on aoro : make-up products , perfumes , hair products , SPF products , skin and body care , etg.
Here's some previews for bio products you can shop : 

This lipsticks look amazing!! 
 Well , the summer is here and we really need SPF to protect our skin . If we can have Bio SPFwhy we should choose a regular one , right? 

 BIO perfumes? Yes, please!

I can't even choose just one or two products , they are too many and tempting!! I can't believe that I can find so many bio products on a site I love.


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