joi, 30 octombrie 2014

Perfect outfit for fall

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I just love this outfit for this period of the year! What you say pretty girls?

Blue Girlfriend

A N A cowl neck dress
$21 -

Oasis wrap coat
$120 -

Steve Madden high heel boots
$130 -

Leather handbag
$1,245 -

Long earrings
$160 -

marți, 28 octombrie 2014

How I made my boyfriend happy

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Hello Gorgeous!

Last week I started my collaboration with , an online store with clothes , accesories and shoes. You can find anything you want , from t-shirts , dresses, pants , bags , clothes for babies , for men etc . I was excited when I searched what to buy , I found so many nice things!
I bought 2 t-shirts for my boyfriend because he is always complaining that I have so many things and he doesn't. Am I a good girlfriend, or what??
The red one is from Alcott and it was 44,90 RON. Good price and excelent quality , he said.
The blue one is his favorite , he really wants this t-shirts in Dark Red . It has the same price like the first one ( 44,90 RON) 

Both t-shirts are 100% cotton , this matters for him because he likes t-shirts made of cotton .  
I really loved that I received my order in 24 hours! It's a big plus for me. If I need something in a few days , I know I will get it . This was a big problem with other online stores from Romania. 
What would you buy from this site? 


vineri, 26 septembrie 2014

The One by Oriflame

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In the high-school Oriflame was one of my favourite brands , I had a lot of products and I was happy with them . In my opinion they have good quality and a reasonable price .
For some years I didn't try anything new from this brand , but in January I bought VIP NIGHT - a great perfume ! It was love at first puff and it made me think about this brand a lot.
Now they release a new collection "The One " inspired by the latest fashion trends . Sounds amazing, right ?
This collection is divided into three ranges : Everyday Beauty , High Impact and Longwear . Every range has 10 products and I must confess, I want all ! Everyday Beauty would be perfect for my everyday routine , High Impact for the club nights and Longwear for the days I need my makeup to stay on for hours
I want to be part of Oriflame Beauty Bloggers so it would be a honour for me to test their new products and to go to their workshop for beauty and fashion bloggers. 
If you love Oriflame and you are a beauty blogger , check this link .

Have a beautiful day ladies!

sâmbătă, 26 iulie 2014

Hot news : Now you can find bio products at

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Hello my darlings, 

You sure know about , a site where you can find everything a lady or a man want for pampering. I am so excited that now they have BIO products available on the site. 
I am a big fan of bio products , I think they are better for skin and much healthier than regular products . For instance , my daily moisturizer is a bio one. I want what is best for my skin . 
You will find everything you want on aoro : make-up products , perfumes , hair products , SPF products , skin and body care , etg.
Here's some previews for bio products you can shop : 

This lipsticks look amazing!! 
 Well , the summer is here and we really need SPF to protect our skin . If we can have Bio SPFwhy we should choose a regular one , right? 

 BIO perfumes? Yes, please!

I can't even choose just one or two products , they are too many and tempting!! I can't believe that I can find so many bio products on a site I love.

vineri, 11 aprilie 2014

What I want this season

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These days I discovered a lovely site with so many beautiful clothes and accesories . So many dresses, t-shirts , bags , skirts , jewerly that I want !
I would love these 2 dresses for a wedding I have this month  :

I don't saw anybody to have this skirt and dress so I want them .

Fabulous earings and necklace :
I just broke up and this GET OVER IT t-shirt suits me perfectly . I love the yellow blouse with bow and this Minion t-shirt. Perfects for summer .

For the classy lady inside me , this blazer , shirt and brooche are perfect. 

The short pants are in the top 5 most fab pants I ever saw! 
My dears what do you advise me to choose from this site? Are you tempted to buy something too? 


miercuri, 9 aprilie 2014

Perfumes I love

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Chic lady

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Confy outfit

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Confy outfit

Lace top

Cropped pants
$70 -

Dsquared2 black flat
$460 -

Floral bag

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Floral bag

River Island top
$41 -

J Brand cropped jeans
$61 -

The rebel next door - Outfit

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