joi, 30 octombrie 2014

Perfect outfit for fall

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I just love this outfit for this period of the year! What you say pretty girls?

Blue Girlfriend

A N A cowl neck dress
$21 -

Oasis wrap coat
$120 -

Steve Madden high heel boots
$130 -

Leather handbag
$1,245 -

Long earrings
$160 -

marți, 28 octombrie 2014

How I made my boyfriend happy

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Hello Gorgeous!

Last week I started my collaboration with , an online store with clothes , accesories and shoes. You can find anything you want , from t-shirts , dresses, pants , bags , clothes for babies , for men etc . I was excited when I searched what to buy , I found so many nice things!
I bought 2 t-shirts for my boyfriend because he is always complaining that I have so many things and he doesn't. Am I a good girlfriend, or what??
The red one is from Alcott and it was 44,90 RON. Good price and excelent quality , he said.
The blue one is his favorite , he really wants this t-shirts in Dark Red . It has the same price like the first one ( 44,90 RON) 

Both t-shirts are 100% cotton , this matters for him because he likes t-shirts made of cotton .  
I really loved that I received my order in 24 hours! It's a big plus for me. If I need something in a few days , I know I will get it . This was a big problem with other online stores from Romania. 
What would you buy from this site? 



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