vineri, 26 septembrie 2014

The One by Oriflame

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In the high-school Oriflame was one of my favourite brands , I had a lot of products and I was happy with them . In my opinion they have good quality and a reasonable price .
For some years I didn't try anything new from this brand , but in January I bought VIP NIGHT - a great perfume ! It was love at first puff and it made me think about this brand a lot.
Now they release a new collection "The One " inspired by the latest fashion trends . Sounds amazing, right ?
This collection is divided into three ranges : Everyday Beauty , High Impact and Longwear . Every range has 10 products and I must confess, I want all ! Everyday Beauty would be perfect for my everyday routine , High Impact for the club nights and Longwear for the days I need my makeup to stay on for hours
I want to be part of Oriflame Beauty Bloggers so it would be a honour for me to test their new products and to go to their workshop for beauty and fashion bloggers. 
If you love Oriflame and you are a beauty blogger , check this link .

Have a beautiful day ladies!


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