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What I want this season

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These days I discovered a lovely site with so many beautiful clothes and accesories . So many dresses, t-shirts , bags , skirts , jewerly that I want !
I would love these 2 dresses for a wedding I have this month  :

I don't saw anybody to have this skirt and dress so I want them .

Fabulous earings and necklace :
I just broke up and this GET OVER IT t-shirt suits me perfectly . I love the yellow blouse with bow and this Minion t-shirt. Perfects for summer .

For the classy lady inside me , this blazer , shirt and brooche are perfect. 

The short pants are in the top 5 most fab pants I ever saw! 
My dears what do you advise me to choose from this site? Are you tempted to buy something too? 


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Mary Anne spunea...

You have good taste in clothes! I think I'll buy the white earings xx

Emily spunea...

nice wishlist! i am tempted to buy too so I get you

Celia spunea...

so beautiful tshirts they have

Aleka spunea...

I never heard about this site but they have nice things

Laura spunea...

I am so curious what you'll get!!!

Elizabeth spunea...


Pink pearls spunea...

I want to know your opinion on their things , can't wait to read

Jully's Blog spunea...

Thanks girls!! kisses :)

Sierra spunea...

I'm sure you';ll do the best choice girl! that skirt is beautiful..... :)

Fiona spunea...

Damn , the first girl has a nice booty.!!! I'm jealous

Laura M spunea...

I have my eyes on that white earings.. GORGEOUS

Grace spunea...

I know this site from some bloggers but I'd love to see what you think about it. x

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